Archon Studio’s’Chronicle X Goes Interstellar With Stretch Goals

December 28, 2017 by thisisazrael

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The team from Archon Studio have been continually updating the Chronicle X Kickstarter with new stretch goals as their campaign rolls on so I thought I'd show off some of the highlights.

The "XXL Models" in the form of the 79mm Devoli Ridgebeast and 68mm Karoth Riverfirnd below show off just how detailed the models for this game are.

Chronicle X Archon Studios Kickstarter Devoli Ridgebeast Karoth Riverfiend

Compared to the lonely Gray these guys are huge!

The biggest addition to Chronicle X is probably the expansions "Abyss" and "Area51".

The Abyss expansion sees a Gray ship crash off the coast of New York presenting a new underwater battlefield and an opportunity that the Chronicle X team can't pass up on.

Chronicle X Archon Studios Kickstarter The Abyss

The Abyss adds in a ton of new tiles and tokens but the most interesting bit for me are the Oxygen Trackers which will present some pressing time restraints on the humans as they try and retrieve tech from the submerged UFO.

Area 51 introduces night combat to the game and focuses on the now Gray controlled Area 51 which is currently being used as a base of operations.

Chronicle X Archon Studios Kickstarter Area 51

The Chronicle X team will have to try and infiltrate a fortified installation under the cover of night in an attempt to deal a vicious blow to the Gray forces.

We've also seen a host of new minis for the "goodie" Chronicle X team.

Chronicle X Archon Studios Kickstarter Glitch Hayden Jericho

In this picture, we have Glitch, Hayden Walker and Jericho Mardas.

One stretch goal that really caught my personal attention was that all core games will now come with a foam insert to protect the miniatures.

Chronicle X Archon Studios Kickstarter Foam Insert

Although this is a board game, rather than a miniatures game, the sculpting standard is incredibly high and I really appreciate this line of stretch goal thinking for board games and not just miniature games.

All in all, I'm really happy to see board game Kickstarters get a heap of support and the game overall get more depth of play.

What do you think of the latest stretch goals for Chronicle X?

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