Classic Quest Moves Into Final Week On Kickstarter

June 2, 2020 by brennon

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Classic Quest from El Kraken Released, an old school dungeon delving board game of high adventure, is moving into its final week on Kickstarter.

Classic Quest Main Logo - El Kraken Released

Find Out More About Classic Quest

At the core of this game is an adventure for two-to-five players who will be doing some retro dungeon-delving but against the game itself rather than an overlord or dungeon master. All of the miniatures are also cast as one-piece metal figures and come from a company which has done a lot of work in the Historical field for a while now.

If you're interested in learning more about the game itself then you're in luck as the team recently released their English Rulebook for Classic Quest. You can download it from the link below...

Classic Quest Rules (English) Beta

Make sure to give the rules a read over and then explore more about the campaign too. We even had a segment about it on The Weekender which you can check out to hear our thoughts about it, especially from some old school adventurers like Warren and Gerry!

Classic Quest Stretch Goals

As well as the core game which is now funded, the backers have also been unlocking some Stretch Goals which you can see here.

Classic Quest Stretch Goals Unlocked - El Kraken Released.jpg

Maybe you can help them work their way up to get a few more miniatures in the box and some of those extra treasure cards which you can find once you go delving?

Check Out The Kickstarter

Make sure to let us know your thoughts on Classic Quest below and whether or not you'll be backing it, or perhaps already have!

Are you ready for a Classic Quest?

"At the core of this game is an adventure for two-to-five players who will be doing some retro dungeon-delving..."

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