Begin Your Classic Quest On Kickstarter With El Kraken Released

May 19, 2020 by brennon

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El Kraken Released is on Kickstarter right now with their take on retro tabletop adventures. Classic Quest puts you in the leather boots of traditional Fantasy heroes as you go dungeon delving in search of fame, riches and more.

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Building on old school ideas but with a modern tweak here and there, this looks like it could be a really fun option for those aching for a dungeon crawler. Wizards, Rogues, Barbarians and the like will be exploring a replayable game system as they hunt down nefarious villains, slay goblins, steal treasure and generally enjoy that adventuring lark!

Classic Quest Overview - Kraken Released

El Kraken Released are going to be using what they've learned from their offshoot companies like Tercio Miniatures and Liber Militum to create a range of metal miniatures and their associated components which you can see below.

The Core Game & Miniatures

There is certainly a classic feel to the miniatures and the overall look of the game which might pull on the heartstrings of a few nostalgic gamers.

-5ec396b72764b--5ec396b72764cClassic Quest Contents - Kraken Released.jpg

You can get a better feel for how the miniatures from the core box are going to come out based on these painted examples by Avahn Art Studio. I think they've come together quite nicely. They certainly are a nice step up compared to some bendy plastic options that a few board games offer.

Classic Quest Heroes - Kraken Released

I think that some of the best miniatures from the campaign are actually their enemies. I love the way that the Goblins look; properly pesky!

-5ec3972ee6e67--5ec3972ee6e68Classic Quest Goblins - Kraken Released.jpg

The big Evil Knights also look very menacing. I also just notice the neat dungeon-based tabs under the models rather than bases. I think that is a really neat option and helps keep things looking more "in-world" when playing the game. It's not a massive thing but it certainly is a nice touch.

-5ec39732cb37a--5ec39732cb37cClassic Quest Knights - Kraken Released.jpg

If you'd like to learn more about the miniature creation process they have been going through then El Kraken Released put together a neat video on their Quest Of Casting.

As well as showing off the process, they also show that they have quite a lot of the miniatures tested and ready to go. There seems to be a little bit of loss of detail here and there for some of the characters and creatures but overall I think they look good for a board game adventure.

Stretch Goals

Beyond that, you've also got some stretch goals which are in the works. A few more monsters and such are coming to help round out the roster of foes you'll be able to clash with on the tabletop.

-5ec396bbc7b63--5ec396bbc7b64Classic Quest Stretch Goals - Kraken Released.jpg

The miniatures and components are just part of the Kickstarter of course. The other big bit is the game itself and El Kraken Released have dived into a bit about how the game plays and what you've got to look forward to.

Classic Quest Rules

The game plays with between two-to-five players and takes around 120 minutes to play if a lot of people are involved. It has been designed to be easy to pick up and play but with complexity in the mix for more experienced players. This gives you an idea of some of the elements you'll experience during gameplay...

-5ec39baa99137--5ec39baa99138Classic Quest Features - Kraken Released.jpg

...and to also help, the team at El Kraken Released also talked about the game mechanics in their game introduction which you can watch below.

I like that the game has a modular and randomly generated element to it which should make it a lot of fun to play. Having the game be in control of the monsters and such as well is really key for me in these kinds of games. I love the idea of working with a team of friends to take on the game and beat it rather than an individual. It makes for such a rewarding experience!

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So, there you have a brief overview of Classic Quest. Could you see yourself trying this one out for yourself?

Drop your thoughts on this retro dungeon crawler below...

"Could you see yourself trying this one out for yourself?"

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