CMON Announce Zombicide: Invader Kickstarter

March 6, 2018 by brennon

It looks like CMON aren't done with Zombicide just yet as they are heading into space with their next Kickstarter for the game entitled Zombicide: Invader.

Zombicide Invader - CMON

Here's the fluff behind this particular adventure...

"In their search for new sources of fuel, humans came across PK-L7, a small planet in a remote corner of the universe. Below the surface, they found what they were looking for. Xenium is a dark, oily, organic compound. Once refined, it becomes a game-changer for intergalactic exploration.

It wasn't long before a colony was set up and teams of soldiers and scientists began extracting the Xenium. There, deep underground, was where the first assaults began. The Xenos were vicious, unrelenting, and mindless in their attacks. Survivors have had to fight for their lives against an out-of-this-world threat that just won't stop."

The Xenos are controlled by the game itself and you will find yourself alongside five friends (plays with one to six players) battling against these swarms. You will need to complete objectives, stay alive, and kill as many Xenos as possible in the meantime.

The game seems to be doubling down on you needing to work together as, whether or not you're soldiers or scientists, you will all need to support each other as you do battle with the Xenos. Some weapons will work fine indoors but others won't function in the vacuum of space where you'll need to turn to lasers to get the job done.

The Xenos as your enemy is also meant to have received an upgrade and they will be deadlier than the zombies you've been used to facing on the tabletop.

What I'm impressed by out of the gate, just from this first preview anyway, is the fact that we're going to be getting survivors from all manner of different racial backgrounds and genders. Always nice to see!

Watch out for the Kickstarter launch on April 10th at 3pm EST.

Will you be taking a look at this one?

"Watch out for the Kickstarter launch on April 10th at 3pm EST..."

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