CMON Preview First Hero & Xenos For Zombicide: Invader

March 8, 2018 by brennon

The CMON and Guillotine Games teams have been previewing some of the upcoming characters and creatures for Zombicide: Invader which will hit Kickstarter on April 10th. Take a peek at Baraka first.

Baraka - Zombicide Invader

Here's the background on this Sci-Fi warrior...

"Baraka grew up rich. She didn’t join the military out of necessity. It was more like a calling. She was unsatisfied with the life of luxury that had been thrust upon her, and she longed for the challenges, obstacles, and dangers that only a life in the army could provide.

Maybe it’s because she chose this life, or maybe she’s just damn good at her job, but when the Xenos attacked, she saw it as the fulfilment of her higher purpose. She wades into the battle like someone taking their predestined place in the universe."

She is a great looking character, once again highlighting a branching out for CMON and Guillotine to explore other cultures with their games. She is one of the Soldier Class Survivors in the game meaning that she does plenty of the fighting, protecting the Scientists around her.

Xenos Workers

The Workers are the smallest and least deadly of the Xenos that you will be fighting when you get stuck into Invader. Here's a look at just a few of them...

Xenos Worker - Zombicide Invader

"Of the four types of Xenos the scientists have been able to identify, the Workers are the weakest. However, that’s not saying much. They can still easily rip a human in two. Workers tend to attack in packs, and if the Survivors are not careful, they will quickly be overrun."

As you might imagine, they are a swarm type enemy that will be running around trying to surround you. They all look rather cool too, certainly different from the standard alien fodder that you're probably used to fighting.

Xenos Worker (Alt) - Zombicide Invader

Whilst you can tell that they are tendrils of a sort hanging down from their jaws on the artwork above I had a moment where I thought that the Fishmen had cometh once more!

Xenos Worker (Alt #2) - Zombicide Invader

As one might imagine from a CMON Kickstarter, the miniatures are looking great. The real test is going to be when it comes to gameplay and finding out how it develops in your games. These would be awesome to paint though, and very easy too with the application of some nice washes.

What do you think of the previews so far?

"They all look rather cool too, certainly different from the standard alien fodder that you're probably used to fighting..."

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