CMON Launch Kickstarter For Ankh: Gods Of Egypt Board Game

April 15, 2020 by brennon

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CMON has now launched the Kickstarter for the third game in Eric Lang's Legendary Saga. Ankh: Gods Of Egypt puts you in the mythical sandals of the old gods of Egypt, fighting to reclaim their lost power and win over the people.

Ankh Main Image - CMON

Featuring the dream team of Eric Lang, Adrian Smith and Mike McVey once more, Ankh: Gods Of Egypt is a game for two-to-five players where you try and fight against inexorable oblivion as history moves away from the old ways and advances towards monotheism.

You'll be using the power of your gods, their mythical guardians and faithful warriors to win over the people and inspire them to follow you. Only with devoted followers can you build monuments that honour you and carry your legacy on into a very different world. Whilst each god find themselves in the same position, only one god can remain and claim the love of the people.

Each god features different powers and abilities which allow them to change the game to suit their needs. These unique options mean that games of Ankh should be different and interesting each time you sit down to play.

If you're interested in learning more about the rules for the game then you can read the Rulebook which has been made available for download after watching the video with Eric Lang above.

The game certainly seems like an interesting one and very much builds on the core concepts of Blood Rage and Rising Sun in a different way. I do like that each of the three Legendary Saga games has approached area control and combat in a different way which fits each pantheon of gods and their mythology.

Pledges & Stretch Goals

It wouldn't be a CMON Kickstarter without a wealth of options and the core pledge for the game comes with lots right out of the box. You won't be wanting for content.

Ankh Main Pledge - CMON

Much like with the other games in the series, you'll have some magnificent larger than life models matched up against an array of standard units and monstrous creatures which you can call on. All of these have been designed by Adrian Smith and Mike McVey using that signature style they've become known for. As someone who has lots of the Blood Rage figures, they are very nice indeed and I can only imagine the quality has gone up since then!

Talking of figures, here is a look at some of the fully painted models...

Ankh Painted Miniatures - CMON

So, if you were running out of things to paint, this Kickstarter should sort you out in that regard. Of course, you don't have to paint any of the miniatures in this game (they are board game pieces after all) but if you were so inclined to do so, it would be fun to see people's projects as they work on the collection when it gets released!

Also, as this is a Kickstarter, Stretch Goals are also at the forefront of people's minds and CMON has added quite a few already.

Ankh Stretch Goals - CMON

More Guardians and plenty of upgrades make this quite the luxurious collection already. If you're a big fan of plastic-filled Kickstarter campaigns then it seems like CMON has done it again. I'll have to take a deeper dive into the rules but I do trust Lang as a designer and he's not dropped a clanger yet (as far as I remember!). That, of course, is the main thing here. If the rules aren't good then there's no point having all of those lovely miniatures!

Are you tempted by this new Kickstarter from CMON?

"Are you tempted by this new Kickstarter from CMON?"

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