CMON Rock Kickstarter With Zombicide 2nd Edition Campaign

October 18, 2019 by brennon

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CMON has returned to Kickstarter with Zombicide although this time it's not another expansion but a whole new edition of the game. Zombicide 2nd Edition is now live and is already streaking its way through stretch goals and the like.

Zombicide 2nd Edition - CMON

This game is a proper big zombiefest where between one-to-six players can get stuck into a fast-paced and (by this point) quite refined game filled with undead slaying and objective-based gameplay. As with everything from CMON there is quite a lot of plastic goodies included in just the core set. Here is what you get in the base game...

Zombicide 2nd Edition Core Set - CMON

...and one of the cool additions to this is the inclusion of a full expansion already. I have to say, CMON really has pushed the boat out when it comes to their sculpts this time around and both the characters and zombies are looking superb. They are full of action and perfect for a quick and dirty zombie-slaying affair.

Here is the expansion for Zombicide 2nd Edition which is subtitled Washington Z.C.

Washington ZC - CMON

Here you have a whole host of new characters and companions and of course a whole load of scenarios and campaign elements for you to enjoy as well. Again, this might be a bit much for someone who has already dived into a lot of Kickstarters before but for someone coming to Zombicide for the first time, this is a wealth of content.

What's New?

Rather than me explaining to you what's new, I thought I'd share the videos from CMON where they talk about what's new for Zombicide 2nd Edition. Check out the videos below concerning the main game...

...and the expansion from this Kickstarter.

So, has this got you interested in checking out this new edition of Zombicide? It would be neat to hear what you think about CMON's revamped venture.

Let us know in the comments below...

"So, has this got you interested in checking out this new edition of Zombicide?"

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