CMON Preview Another Survivor Fighting For Their Life In Zombicide: Invader

March 14, 2018 by dracs

Another of the survivors who will be struggling against the monstrous hordes of Zombicide: Invader has been previewed by CMON; a heroic soldier named Jared.

Jared Art And Mini

According to CMON, Jared is a soldier, a large man who defends those weaker than himself. His true strength is his ability to stay calm in a crisis, which will prove invaluable to his allies in Zombicide.


Jared Art

When you think survivor in a game focused on an invasion of monsters, you would not think of someone who looks as though the monsters should be afraid of them! This guy looks as though he is ready to split some heads, while the high tech armour has that cool, retro sci-fi feel to it.

Are you excited for this new Zombicide?

"[Jared's] true strength is his ability to stay calm in a crisis..."

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