CMON & Xplored Bring Teburu Digital Components To Their Games

July 19, 2019 by brennon

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It looks like digital integration with tabletop games is not going the way of the dodo. One of the big hitters in the market, CMON, has joined forces with Xplored in order to bring the Teburu system to the tabletop via Kickstarter.

Teburu System - CMON

You can check out how the system works below but in effect, it is a mat and app/program which allows you to track and follow your games via an array of sensors and chips built into both the game components and the very board itself.

The Gamemaster App will take control of the game to some degree, throwing up surprises and tweaking the experience based on your actions. This reminds me a lot of the apps that Fantasy Flight Games have been building for their games. This then links in with the Companion App which can be added to everyone's devices at the tabletop, showing off character abilities, information and such.

Zombicide Evolution: Las Vegas is going to be the first of the games that will use this system and you will be able to see this all in action at Gen Con this year.

What do you make of the idea?

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