The Dragons of Tarkir Take Flight In the Final Set In the Khans of Tarkir Block

March 3, 2015 by deltagamegirl22

If you're a fan of the Khans of Tarkir block for Magic the Gathering, or just a fan of dragons, then you are going to LOVE the 3rd and final set in the Khans block, Dragons of Tarkir! Wizards of the Coast announced the final set for the block will be released March 27th and it has some wicked dragons and abilities within it.

MTG Dragons of Tarkir

This block will see 6 mechanics in mix- Bolster, Rebound, Exploit, Dash, Formidable and Megamorph!

MTG Dragons of Tarkir cards

  • Bolster is the signature ability of the green-white Dromoka clan. When a creature with Bolster enters the battlefield, a player can place a 1/1 counter on the creature they control with the least toughness. It's an easy way to provide a nice buff to your creatures.
  • Rebound is the signature ability of the white-blue Ojutai clan. Rebound is not a new mechanic and you may remember it from the Rise of the Eldrazi set. A spell with the Rebound mechanic allows a player to cast the spell a second time without paying it's mana cost! Simply cast it from your hand, but exile it instead of sending it to your graveyard. Then you can cast it again during your next upkeep- FOR FREE!
  • Exploit is the signature ability of the blue-black Silumgar clan. The Exploit mechanic allows a player to sacrifice one of their creatures. The Exploit ability gives a player some kind of perk for the act and can be extra cunning when you have creatures that also offer a death benefit, such as draw a card.
  • Dash is the signature mechanic of the black-red Kolaghan clan. The Dash ability allows you to cast a creature with haste, swing right away for damage and then return the creature to your hand before your enemy has a chance to arrange a way to deal with it.
  • Formidable is the signature mechanic of the red-green Atarka clan. The Formidable abilities are all different but essentially provide card synergies to allow strength in numbers among your creatures.
  • And lastly, is Megamorph, which is basically the Morph ability with a plus 1/1!  Cast a character face down as a 2/2 for it's morph cost, and if you pay the Megamorph cost to flip it over, it gains normal AND a plus 1/1.

MTG Dragon Tempest

In all this talk about mechanics, I've forgotten to mention the dragons! They haven't shown many dragon cards yet, but the one they have makes it worth the wait.... Meet The Dragonlord Silumgar! He's a Legendary Creature- Elder Dragon, which not only makes him awesome, but  makes him a great choice for a Commander, if you play that format. He's a flying 3/5 with deathtouch but even better he allows you to gain control of a target creature OR planeswalker as long as he is on the battlefield!

MTG Dragon Silumgar

Will you be adding some Dragons to your Magic game with this last block for Khans?

"Bolster is the signature ability of the green-white Dromoka clan"

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"Rebound is the signature ability of the white-blue Ojutai clan"

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