Way Of The Force Named As Next Big Star Wars: Destiny Release

March 14, 2018 by brennon

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A new set of booster packs are coming your way as part of Way Of The Force, a new expansion to Star Wars: Destiny that will be throwing all-new dice your direction. As you might imagine, this has a focus on some rather interesting new cards for Force users and beyond from Fantasy Flight Games.

Star Wars Destiny - Way Of The Force

Scheduled to be released in the third quarter of 2018 you've still got plenty of time to get collecting and working your way through the latest cycle of releases before this one arrives. I'm still trying to work out if I need to buy another box of Legacies in order to stay in the competition!

Star Wars Destiny Way Of The Force Fan

However, turning our attention to some of the character cards for this expansion it would seem just to take a peek at Luke Skywalker first of all. This is Old Man Luke, the fellow who hands around on rocky islands and chats with Porgs.

Luke Skywalker - Star Wars Destiny

He's no less dangerous, even with a few years shutting himself away from The Force. His central ability is brutal, allowing him to roll up his defences and then strike without you being able to do anything in return. You'll have to use other means of dice removal in order to break his attacks.

His Power Action can also be very useful. After he has activated, you could simply move the Ability onto a second Blue character and when they activate they'll benefit from the dice too. A dangerous combination if you can get it right.

Jedi Hunter

As well as Luke Skywalker we have General Grievous here, now afforded Legendary status.

General Grievous - Star Wars Destiny

He is a monster in combat with a hefty amount of sides offering up damage (that you don't have to pay for) and even disrupt and resource sides for some added utility. The real power comes in his ability though as even when he rolls blanks on those weapon dice in your pool, it was all a bluff, and he still does that four damage to an opponent.

Both Luke and Grievous have been costed very differently than you might expect as well for characters with such high health values. They could be very easily paired with a chump character to take the damage and react off them or another character. Luke can even hang around with Yoda!


As well as these two notable faces we had a character I didn't know of until I was reading the article. Here is the Mandalorian Bo-Katan Kryze.

Bo Katan Kryze - Star Wars Destiny

She has suitably awesome dice sides and the ability to add Yellow Villain upgrades to your deck. Now that is going to cause some pain as Yellow has some very cool weapons that could be of use to the Heroes of Star Wars: Destiny.

It's interesting to see a character which delves into the dirty fighting of Villain weapons too. Kit her out with some vibro-knuckles, a couple of LL-30 blaster pistols, and she's quite the dangerous foe.

There's plenty more to explore in the preview for Way Of The Force so make sure to dive into that article to take a look at new Plot Cards, Upgrades and more.

What do you think of the new characters we've seen so far?

"This is Old Man Luke, the fellow who hands around on rocky islands and chats with Porgs..."

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