Let’s Play: Lightseekers Epic Multiplayer Showdown!!

June 13, 2018 by dignity

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The time has come. With Justin the champion of Draft decks, Az the champion of Starter decks, and Coco the champion of Constructed decks, we need to decide the ultimate Beasts of War Lightseekers champion!

Let's Play: Lightseekers Epic Multiplayer Showdown!!

Pooling all of our experience over six games each in the previous nine Let's Play videos the three of us will come together in one final game mode - Multiplayer. Unlike the previous games which have all been head-to-head, we will now all play simultaneously.

Check out the video to see how multiplayer works and the madness that ensues when different people are attacking you!

Would you be brave enough to try a twelve-person game?!

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