Transformers Take to Android & iOS for a Collectable Card Battle

September 14, 2012 by brennon

Transformers has always been a tricky franchise to get working on the gaming front, but social gaming giants, Mobage are hoping that their new Collectable Card Game for Android and iOS devices will hit the spot. Check out some of the awesome art below for Transformers Battles...

Optimus Prime

Autobot HoundTransformers Battles features around 200 Transformers from the Generation One listing. Keeping the original look and feel of these Transformers, Mobage have adapted them slightly for a more modern look. Each Transformers has two cards, one showing their robot side and the other the transformed vehicle.

Autobot JazzEach of the cards then has a rating for Melee, Range and Special which will be used to attack and defend against your opponents. This combined with linked powers, for example chaining a series of transforms or special attacks can then lead to devastating results.

One of the fun examples also included showing battle damage on your Transformers as they fought. That's certainly something you wouldn't get with a traditional real-life CCG.


ThundercrackerBut how do you play a Collectable Card Game on a Mobile device I hear you say. The game will feature a Free to Play model with microtransactions allowing you to unlock successive packs. If you don't want to pay though, you can log in frequently and play to unlock small rewards along the way. Some may say this creates a 'pay to win' scenario but hopefully there is a way to balance this.

While this might be coming to Android and iOS its still a great step for the Transformers franchise. It certainly shows that a CCG works at any rate! Maybe we'll see a full board or miniatures game in the future?

Do you think you'd be interested in this new CCG?

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