Will you Unlock the Power of the Scrolls?

June 25, 2012 by brennon

Now this one's a little different. Most of you will have seen Magic the Gathering games translated into a digital format as well as a plethora of other deck building games, but what about one that's sprouting right out of the digital realm itself? Well, bear with me and let's check out Scrolls...

Scrolls Logo

Scrolls is developed by Mojang who were the innovative minds behind Minecraft. Yeah some of you might have lost whole months of your life to this company. Scrolls however is a little different and hopes to expand a CCG (Collectable Card Game) experience on digital platforms.

Scrolls Gameplay #1

Scrolls Gameplay #2

You take on the role of a young apprentice just learning how to use the powerful Scrolls but as time goes by and you beat your various opponents, both AI and real, the secrets of many more Scrolls will become available to you.

During a game of Scrolls your objective is to destroy three of the five idols behind your opponent while trying to avoid destruction yourself. Obviously the main draw here is crafting a deck that can defeat all comers.

Check out the website and watch the trailer above then let me know what you think. With the heavy focus on how much gaming can be done on the go these days could this be a useful stop gap for you until the next gaming night?

Stick your comments below folks!

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