Colonize New Worlds In Space Gate Odyssey

December 16, 2018 by cassn

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After decades of research and technological development, humanity is preparing to leave the Earth to colonize this discovered system. To get there, only one possible means of transport exists: space gates. For reasons related to physics and other quantum aspects, these gates can be built only in space. The Confederations have therefore embarked on the construction of their own station in orbit, equipped with space gates.


Space Gate Odyssey is a 2-4 player development and flow-management game in which you take on the role of a Confederation seeking to use their influence to send as many settlers as possible through space gates to colonize new exoplanets.

In order to send settlers, the entire contingent must first be present at the space station for transportation to one of three starting exoplanets. As each exoplanet requires different landing conditions to be met, players must be strategic about which planets they attempt to colonize.


When a planet is fully colonized, the Confederation with the most influence on that planet scores the most points. Once all five exoplanets are colonized, Confederations are assessed to see which is the most influential, and the leader of the most influential Confederacy becomes the rank Governor of the new system!

Space Gate Odyssey requires quick decisions and strategic planning to outplay your competitors. Choose your modules carefully, build them efficiently, and meet placement criteria to earn extra influence on your space station. Make sure not to leave too many open spaces or build airlocks too far away from the space gates or you could damage your reputation and slow down the flow of settlers!


Space Gate Odyssey is a beautiful tile-laying game with art from Vincent Dutrait (Lost Cities, Elysium). Publisher Ludonaute have stated it should go to retail in early 2019, so head over to their website for further information.

Are there too many sci-fi themed games being released at the moment?

"Space Gate Odyssey requires quick decisions and strategic planning to outplay your competitors!"

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