Community Painting Picks – What’s Been On The Painting Table?

November 18, 2015 by brennon

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It's time to take a look at what's been going on in the community when it comes to hobby and painting! A while ago community member caladors put together a wonderful forum topic called What Are You Painting Now? It was designed to showcase what we're working on right now and also get some feedback from our fellow gamers.

So, without further ado we're going to delve into the mammoth amount of pages this topic has accrued and will be picking out some of our favourites every once in a while. Let's get started...

Contemptor Dreadnought By jay188

First off keeping us within the Horus Heresy spirit we have a sneaky look at this Contemptor Dreadnought from the Forge World range painted up with an Iron Warriors style to it. I love the contrast of the yellow hazard lines against the dull metal of the rest of the Dreadnought.

jay188 -  Contemptor Dreadnought

This is a rather impressive piece and you can see it for yourself over on the thread with some additional angles. Page Sixty-Nine is where it's at so go and check it out.

Sons Of Horus By suetoniuspaullinus

As well as the massive Dreadnoughts of the Horus Heresy we also have the regular marine getting stuck into the fighting. Here is what suetoniuspaullinus has been working on for his Sons Of Horus.

suetoniuspaullinus - Sons Of Horus

I'm always a big fan of battle damage and grime when it comes to anything from Warhammer 40,000 or Fantasy so I'm glad to see he's added it to practically every facet of this Space Marine. Head to Page Sixty-Eight for more on this model and some additional angles.

Knights Of Dol Amroth By brushstroke

Keeping The Lord Of The Rings alive we have some marvellously well painted Knights Of Dol Amroth from brushstroke for the Gondorians of Middle-Earth.

brushstroke - Knights Of Dol Amroth

The thing that I think makes these models (as well as the great clean paint job) is the basing. I think that brushstroke has done a good job of framing the miniatures with some stunning basing materials and good placement. The model's don't get lost within the base which is always a threat.

Head to Page Sixty-Nine where you can also see the work on some Objective Markers taking shape.

Blood Rage Monsters By ojenserud

Keeping with Fantasy but heading to a world of monsters we have the work of ojensurd on his Blood Rage miniatures. When you see these in their original plastic they are impressive and even more so when they get a lick of paint.

ojenserud - Blood Rage Monsters

I really like the look of the Frost Giant, possibly my favourite model from the range. That's not to say that the other models aren't superb too! It will hopefully push others on to paint their own sets. Page Sixty-Seven also includes some more of ojenserud's work on Epic Warhammer 40,000 too.

Kingdom Death Phoenix By jayadan

We also have this stunning take on the Phoenix from Kingdom Death painted up by the ever talented jayadan. This has been painted up to fit into a growing Warhammer 40,000 army and you can see why when it has a resemblance to Tzeentch.

jayadan - Kingdom Death Phoenix

Jayadan has done a lot of other work, most of which you can see over on the forums. This particular piece comes from a selection of new projects to be found on Page Sixty-Seven. Have you thought about transplanting any of your Kingdom Death miniatures into other games?

Emperor's Children By brennon

To show that I'm not slacking when it comes to the painting side of our hobby I have also been busy and started work on my Space Marines from Horus Heresy: Betrayal At Calth. I have decided to go with an Emperor's Children scheme and you can see the Veteran of one of the squads here...

Emperor's Children - brennon

Hopefully I'll be able to get stuck into painting some more of the models I split with a friend over the next couple of days.

If you have anything to share from your painting table head on over to the Painting & Hobby Forum to show off and get tips from the rest of the community.

Get painting!

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