Construct A Beautiful City & Worry About Traffic In Cities: Skylines

June 11, 2019 by brennon

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Thames & Kosmos have teamed up with Paradox to create a new tabletop experience based on the highly successful Cities: Skyline PC game.

Cities Skylines 3DBox

This tabletop take on the hit PC game is going to be a cooperative experience for one-to-four players. Much like with the PC game you will be looking to achieve a set of different goals and milestones in order to make the inhabitants of your city happy. Each player will have their own hand of cards which show them what they can build and they will be working with other players in order to try and fulfill the needs of their people.

However, as new sections of the city get added into the mix via cardboard tiles you'll find that new problems arise including ways to deal with crime, rubbish collections and more. The tiles come in a variety of different shames so it's as much an efficiency puzzle as it is one where you make things look pretty.

As well as wrestling with the need to hit those milestones you'll also be working from a shared treasury of money. You will need to monitor this so that everyone will be able to draw from and add to it throughout the game. If you run out of money, you've gone bankrupt and the game is over!

Cities Skylines Gameplay

The game is going to be taught to players through a number of different scenarios and eventually, things get an added layer of variety with the choice of tiles, unique buildings and more that can be used in the game.

This sounds great and it looks like it builds on its PC counterpart really nicely. Whether or not it'll be as good a city builder as Suburbia, that remains to be seen, but it will certainly be worth a look!

Just remember that you need to find somewhere to dump all that rubbish...the lake seems like a good idea, right?

"Just remember that you need to find somewhere to dump all that rubbish...the lake seems like a good idea, right?"

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