Rivet Wars Engulfs Kickstarter in a Chibi War to End All War

January 9, 2013 by dracs

Cool Mini Or Not have recently started a kickstarter game in order to create a new strategy board game, which takes us to a world where WWI never quite ended. And everything happened in a cutesy chibi art style.

Rivet Wars

Rivet Wars is a weird world war strategy board game,which draws its inspiration from many popular RTS games such as Rise of Nations. Players need to gather resources by capturing key locations in order to bring out more troops and gain access to more powerful technologies.

The miniatures themselves keep with the vibrant designs we see in the artwork.

Rivet Wars British

Rivet Wars German

As you can see the miniatures look fairly nice, particularly the larger vehicles and walkers. Personally I would really like to get a hands on look at these to see what they are like.

Having recently played, and enjoyed, the Warcraft board game (the strategy one, not the WoW one) the idea of board games following the style of computer RTS games is something I really like the sound of. I got into wargaming thanks to games like Age of Empires and these sorts of board games just reawaken that old love in me.

If you want to find out more, or pledge your support to making this board game happen, head over to the kickstarter project now.

Thanks to Vondrasky for pointing this out to us.

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