Cooperatively Explore and Grow A Fantasy Community In Mythwind

October 8, 2021 by fcostin

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Us tabletop gamers are certainly not short on imagination. Whether we are looking to immerse ourselves in a new fantasy land, or travel into outer space and across the galaxy. The only thing that stops us from full immersion is the setup and put away times!

What would you do if I told you there was a new persistent-world, an asymmetrical cooperative role-playing board game that only takes five minutes to set up and minutes to put away?

Mythwind is up on Kickstarter from OOMM Games, and players work closely with time building and establishing a whimsical fantasy community, guided by the safe hands of a sprite - it is time to settle down into a new and exciting home.

Kickstarter Trailer // Mythwind

Players will travel to new lands of the unknown for sanctuary in a new environment. But before players move into their new home they must tame the valley around them. 1-4 players will work together to build the home around them and grow their community amongst this desolate valley.

Looking at the evolution of the community, exploration of the world around them and dive deep into the lore and history of where the new home is being developed.

Mythwind - Image Two

Mythwind // OOMM Games

There are four different characters to choose from in-game, each with their own individual skills and paths for them to take and grow. So whether you would like to explore the new world solo and try out each different character to evolve your town, or take one each as part of a larger cooperative experience.

Each time players open the box, they will continue to build their civilisation and pick up straight from where they left off. Utilising time as a factor of development for the community.

The Kickstarter campaign so far has been incredibly successful. Already funded with 23 days left on the clock, players will have access to the core game, expansions and add-ons whilst the campaign are live.

Would you explore a new world and home in Mythwind? 

"Guided by the safe hands of a sprite - it is time to settle down into a new and exciting home. "

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