Weekender: Core Space Late Pledges + Fun With What A Tanker!

March 31, 2018 by brennon

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Come and join us for The Weekender where we're going to be taking a slice through the tabletop gaming hobby to check out what awesome stuff has been going on this week.

Weekender: Core Space Late Pledges + Fun With What A Tanker!

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Make sure to get involved in the comments below as you could win prizes AND help feedback on everything we're doing here at Beasts Of War


There are some cool things for you to check out from this week including...

With those little announcements out of the way, we've got loads more to show you as well in this episode.

BattleSystem's Core Space Pledge Manager

We talk with Colin from BattleSystems about the Core Space Pledge Manager and what it offers you as late backers at this point.

As well as this, we discuss some of the changes in the mechanics and such for this game which makes you feel very much like Han Solo or the Firefly crew.


There's been plenty going on in the tabletop world and here's a bit of it...

Make sure you tell us about all of this news in the comments below.

What A Tanker!

TooFatLardies were in the studio talking about their new skirmish game What A Tanker! As well as shooting some games with the guys we also talked with Rich about the thinking behind the game too.

Kickstarter Time

We also take some time to delve into some Kickstarter projects currently running this week.

Which of these projects would you back?


Make sure to Claim Your Prize if you heard your name during the show as we announce winners for our Frontier Wargaming Paint Station giveaway.

You can also still get involved with the AdeptiCon Swag Bag competitions by checking out the Live Blogs HERE and HERE.

Win Yourself Some Sohei Warrior Monks!

You can also get your hands on a blister pack of the Sohei Warrior Monks. Make sure to stay tuned until the end of the show to find out how.

Check out more of the Test Of Honour range to see what else they have on offer.

Have a great weekend!

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