International Women’s Day: Infinity’s Favourite Fighting Females

March 8, 2019 by cassn

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Here at OnTableTop, we're not content with International Women's Day - we want Interuniversal Women's Day! Exploring other worlds is a fundamental part of tabletop gaming, and that includes paying homage to the women which inhabit them.


Luckily for us, the amazing gamers over at Corvus Belli have worked hard to create a world which features a range of female characters to choose from. And marketing director Belén Moreno wants to see this inclusion increased:

The wargaming industry and miniature games are advancing by leaps and bounds. At Corvus Belli,there are more and more women playing these games, but we still have a lot to do.

The first step without a doubt is to put miniatures into the market that really represent us, not only girls that seem to be taken from the best catwalks and who have not picked up a weapon in their entire life. And, we are working on this, putting on the table warrior women ready to fight.

We are fully aware of the gap that exists in our industry and we want to be part of the change.

Corvus Belli is hoping to become industry leaders for inclusion in gaming, an ethos which is reflected both in the company and on the tabletop! We caught up with a few of the hard-working women behind games such as Infinity to ask them what female characters they love to play and why!

Belén Moreno (Marketing Director) - Odalisques

I adore this miniature. It was the first miniature that I bought when I started playing Infinity, and the new version is just amazing.

Belen Moreno

A miniature that represents a woman in action, nothing passive, with an attitude that particularly stands out. Her Spitfire, held in two hands, is not as scary as the expression on her face. That decision captivated me from the first minute I saw her.


The Odalisques that have always stood out for their beauty. Yes, they are beautiful, but they have a lethal beauty since they are trained to be able to stop any threat. They are not timid women, and they are not afraid of anything. If someone has to represent me on the battlefield, it's them.

Pilar Rivero (Packing & Warehouse) - Bit & Kiss

I happened to be going through the design area when something caught my eye, so much that it made me stop in my tracks and gaze over the shoulder of Carlos Torres. The concept art that I was seeing on his screen was amazing!

Pilar Rivero

Sometimes one thing particularly stands out to you with a miniature; the pose, the weapon, the armour…but this one had it all! The design of the clothes with interlacing fabrics was not a new design, but in a suit with a skirt, it was so much better!


That feeling of strength and power emanating from the drawing was amazing - even only being a sketch in black and white, without colour and without any clue as to what the final pose would be like.

I didn't know any more until the cards arrived to print. Then, I saw that it is a pack with two miniatures, called Bit & Kiss. I'm sorry big boy, I was sure Bit was the one I saw!

Vanessa Onorato (Software Development) - Major Lunah

My favourite miniature of the Corvus catalogue is Major Lunah. I like both versions of the character (Infinity and Aristeia!), but I prefer the Aristeia! pose because it reflects her spirit.

Vanessa Onorato

It seems she is paused, and I love to think that she is observing the battlefield, looking for the right position and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Not only is this the character that I like the most in Aristeia!, but I also love her backstory - it’s not only fascinating but it is also very vindictive. She came to fight in this show that simulates war, but in her own words, has nothing to do with the reality of it, with the aim of finding the truth about the disappearance of her wife and daughter.

Major Lunah

She is a perfectionist with strong principles, who likes to follow the rules whenever they have sense and logic. Capable of adapting to her environment to find the perfect position that allows her to execute her final attack.

Cruz Losada (Senior Operator) - OCR Boarding Shotgun From Order Sergeants

When I was asked for my favourite female miniature in Infinity, I had to seriously consider the question. There are so many that catch my attention! My favourite is the Orc armed with a Boarding Shotgun

Cruz Losada

This miniature gave me my first victory in Infinity during a Deathmatch! The sculpture is really good, although I recognize that much has been improved since the release of this miniature.

Ocr Boarding Shotgun

My favourite modern sculpt is the Sergeant Specialist (Hacker or Combi rifle). I love this model for its sculptural proportion, the elegance and dynamism of the pose, the expressiveness, and the design of her armour. I love the versatility of assembly with pieces that allow you to compose a completely different pose.

However, both the hacker option and the Combi rifle option convey movement, as if they were in a time trial to finish the mission on time. It is also easy to assemble and paint. The tabard, for example, gives you a large surface in which you can draw what you want to customize it to the faction to your liking.

Begoña Liste (Partner/Purchasing Manager) - Blackjacks, 10th Heavy Ranger Bat

When I was asked to choose my favourite female miniature, I thought: Bego, why are you looking for a figure of a woman?

Bego Liste

We tend to think that those inside of heavily armored frames are men, but it doesn't have to be that way. I have always been drawn to strong and sexy women with big arms, and this time I wanted to go a step further - a woman in very big armour!!


Of course, it had to be Ariadna, which is the army that occupies a special place in my little heart.

And what better than to go out on the battlefield with my power armour and take my AP HMG, charging every living creature to the cry of "Come Get Some!" as Ash Williams cries out in the Evil Dead movie. That's priceless!

Who is your favourite tabletop female?

"They are not timid women, and they are not afraid of anything!"

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"Out on the battlefield with my power armour and my AP HMG, charging every living creature to the cry of "Come Get Some!""

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