Craft Comfortable Quilts For Cute Kittens In Calico

June 20, 2019 by cassn

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Ahem...I mean, what interesting mechanics Calico has. Fascinating use of hex play. The bright colours and simple gameplay make it an engaging game suitable for the whole family. The components are well thought out and....and...and....LOOK AT IT'S WIDDLE KITTY TOESES!

In Calico, players collect and place 'fabric' patches to create the coziest quilt, attracting furry feline friends to knead their purrfect paws into the fabric and sleepily snooze on your creation. Each quilt has a special pattern to create, and players must balance creating aesthetically pleasing designs with collecting cute kittens.


Look, I'm aware I'm a crazy cat lady even on my most toned-down of days, but Calico is not only genuinely cute, it also has some interesting mechanics which should provide players with a fun, competitive, and altogether adorable gaming experience!

Publisher Flatout Games will be launching their Kickstarter in Autumn 2019, and I personally can't wait to get my claws into their campaign! Check out the game in detail here.

Did you know: Like humans, cats can be both left and right-handed. Girl kittens are usually right-pawed, whereas boy kittens are more likely to use their left!

"A fun, competitive, and altogether adorable gaming experience!"

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