Weekender: Narrative Death Guard Army & Carnevale Returns!

July 8, 2017 by dignity

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We've got a jam-packed show for you this weekend with a focus on Justin's continuing efforts to build himself a Death Guard army for Warhammer 40,000...

Weekender: Narrative Death Guard Army & Carnevale Returns!

Weekender Podcast Download

...and an interview with TTCombat about their upcoming Kickstarter to bring Carnevale back to the tabletop.

Birthdays & A Hobby God Bag!

Earlier in the week, we shared a video talking about our 7th Birthday. So, if you want to get stuck into some nostalgia you can check out the post HERE.

Thanks again to everyone who sent their best regards and remember, we couldn't do it without you!

We also award the Hobby God Bag to damon for his amazing work on some World War II battleships which were taken from blueprints all the way to the stage you see HERE.

Remember to Claim Your Prize and we'll get it sent out to you!

Big thanks to everyone who took part and you can find the honourable mentions here from tmsmnnsjanus1004laughingboy and olliep for you to look at in more detail.

News Time

We now focus in on some news from the world of tabletop gaming this week...

...did anything else catch your eye from this week?

Justin's Death Guard Army

Justin now wants to talk through some of the gaming in the gaps he's doing with his Death Guard from the Dark Imperium set. They are expanding beyond this now as he adds in some Heresy-era models...

Justin's Army List Download

With the new design of the Imperium, the rent torn across the middle of it, it opens up new possibilities and many of the Death Guard may still be wearing their old armour, free from mutation.

What do you think about Justin's ideas and of course, his army list!

Carnevale Returns!

We also got to sit down with TTCombat's Josh and Dan to talk about their plans to take Carnevale to Kickstarter with a new Two-Player Starter Set focusing on the Guild & Raashar.

Will you be backing this and keeping an eye out for the demo game?


We now close in on some Kickstarters you need to keep your eye on...

Do any of these projects take your fancy?

Make sure you enjoy your weekend and get in loads of hobby folks!

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