Cranio Creations’ New Dungeon Crawler

October 7, 2011 by dracs

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Cranio Creations are releasing their own rather interesting take on the Dungeon Crawling genre of games. So gather around to explore Dungeon Fighter.

As you have probably guessed this is a more comical take on the whole Dungeon Crawling style of games.

The basis of the game is just your standard Dungeon Crawler fare, you and your friends take on the role of a group of heroes who have wondered into a dungeon in order to maim, buthcer and kill all the innocent families of monster living there and steal all their stuff. What seperates this game is that it is your own skills which depend on how good your hero is.

Dungeon Fighter has been described as a dexterity based dungeon crawler. This is due to the fact that to hit a monster you actually have to throw your dice onto their target! Damage is awarded depending on what ring of the target the dice hits, similar to when scoring archery. The dice themselves, depending on what face is shows, can activate your hero's special abilities.

All in all definitely an interesting new way of playing an old gaming concept. Although I could definitely see it quickly descending into chaos as dice bounce everywhere.

Any of you tempted to give this a go? Have you ever come across any similar gaming systems?

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