A Crawling Chaos Enters Cthulhu Wars

May 13, 2013 by dracs

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Of the minis we have seen for Cthulhu Wars so far practically all of them are fighting for Cthulhu. Well now we see one of the first monsters from the Crawling Chaos faction, the horrific Hunting Horror!

Cthulhu Wars Hunting Horror

It's like some winged serpent from a bigone age, and by the look of it I'm glad it's bigone. That is one mean looking monster.

Apparently these creatures are the harriers of the outer god Nyalarthotep and the sculpt really captures the nightmarish qualities Lovecraft bestowed them with.

With this flapping around the tabletop, I can't wait to see what other monsters the Crawling Chaos will have to draw upon. Come to think of it I can't wait for the mini of Nyalarthotep itself!

What creatures of the mythos do you think will be part of this faction?

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