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September 24, 2021 by fcostin

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Playing board games is a fine way for me to get my head at peace. I am quite the busy bee, and I quite often turn to board games to chill me out. Especially when I am sticking on some fluffy socks on a Sunday, chilling with a solo board game, in front of a fire with plenty of snacks at the ready.

Verdant - Image One

Verdant // Flatout Games

Ever since it was announced by Flatout Games, Verdant certainly piqued my interest in joining my collection of calm and serene board games to play to myself on Sunday. Considering the team behind Verdant is responsible for some of my other favourite chilling titles such as Calico and Cascadia, and appealed to my plant-mum ideals - I was keen for Verdant to arise on Kickstarter to dive deep into the ins and outs of the 'puzzly-spatial' card game.

Playing either solo or with up to 3 other players, players immerse themselves in their comfortable home creating the coziest and zen living space with houseplants and calming decor.

Verdant - Image Two

Cards and Components // Verdant

Each position counts for these plants as they require plenty of light and they need to be happy in their positioning, players will need to meet objectives creating matches and taking actions to nurture the space. Utilising stunning cards and tokens - players will have a wide range of beautifully designed cards to form their home. Developing their skills as a 'green-thumb' master, which will allow easier gameplay to level up throughout the game.

When I read on the Kickstarter Campaign that players "take on the role of a houseplant enthusiast", I laughed to myself as I realised I was already there and it wouldn't be much of a stretch for me to find myself immersed!

Verdant - Image Three

Game Cards // Verdant

Being put to ease and comfort by the wonderful artwork of Beth Sobel, I am familiar with her artwork before - crossing over into many of my other chilling board games alike Arboretum and Wingspan - the pastel colours and harmony in design certainly provides another layer of comfy to the game.

In terms of stretch goals, a good few have been unlocked! Making upgrades to game components including a thicker box and more plant and room cards - there are two still left to unlock - which I do not think will be difficult considering the 33 days left on the clock!

Verdant - Image Four

Gameplay // Verdant

The Kickstarter campaign provides a few different pledges if you are buying just for yourself. At £22, players can pitch into the Kickstarter Edition Pledge, containing Verdant - Kickstarter Edition board game, Kickstarter Promo Cards, unlocked stretch goals, the Print and Play version and a very special thank you on their website. There is also a price Founders pledge which includes more personalisation and a piece of Verdant history.

If you are not too fussed about having the game box and cards, by December 2021 players can be provided with the print-and-play version. For as little as £4, if you have your own means of printing cards and don't want to fork out the full price - this is not worth overlooking.

Be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign, there is plenty of time left - so take your time to chill and ponder on it. But don't wait too long - or your living space will end up in disarray!

Are you interested in creating a cosy home with plants and serenity in Verdant?

"Being put to ease and comfort by the wonderful artwork of Beth Sobel..."

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