Dark Iron Studios Show Off Painted Solomon Kane Miniatures

March 1, 2018 by brennon

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Seb Lavigne of Dark Iron Studios shows off some more of the painted miniatures from Solomon Kane, the new board game coming to Kickstarter this year from Mythic Games.

Solomon Kane Miniatures #1

Leading the way we have a look at the lead of this particular game, Solomon Kane himself. You'll have seen this miniature in the promotional photos for the game and he does look every bit the dark and deadly Witchhunter. You will also have seen his quarry, this ghostly wraith that has been summoned to life by dark forces.

Solomon Kane Miniatures #2

Seb has done some amazing work on this model and considering his work on Joan Of Arc it's no surprise that we're seeing him putting paint to model this time around as well. However, the awesome miniatures don't stop there.

Peasants, NPCs & More

As well as these key figures it also looks like we're going to be seeing some non-player characters making their way into the mix with civilians like this fellow here...

Solomon Kane Miniatures #4

One would assume that he has been caught by some dangerous creature, maybe the ghoulish wraith above, and is running for his life. It's neat that the game is going to get miniatures to represent these particular elements of the game rather than just tokens.

We also have this chap that sprung up from the gallery of images Seb shared...

Solomon Kane Miniatures #3

I don't know enough of the background behind Solomon Kane but something tells me that this fellow is meant to be someone rather important in the story. Kitted out as he is I'd assume he's going to be playing a part in the unfolding narrative.

As well as adventuring around in Europe there's also the challenge of quests in other countries. Solomon Kane will be visiting deepest, darkest Africa and encountering the Tribesmen of the region.

Solomon Kane Miniatures #6

Not to mention, wild animals are also a hazard out there in the wilderness like this monstrous ape. Well, I say monstrous; it's probably a regular sized gorilla...it's just exceptionally terrifying.

Solomon Kane Miniatures #5

What do you think of the models we've seen so far for the game?

Drop your thoughts below...

"Seb has done some amazing work on this model..."

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