Become David Attenborough! Wild Serengeti Kickstarter Now Live!

August 20, 2021 by fcostin

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UKGE has come and gone, but that does not mean we have forgotten about the incredible games that we stumbled across during the event. Wild Serengeti from Bad Comet Games certainly made my eyes twinkle at the event after a wonderful interview with Gerry, as players are encouraged to be immersed in nature and become the next big David Attenborough-style documentarian.

This game filled me with a ton of excitement, and everybody can get a full perspective now that Wild Serengeti is on Kickstarter, with 27 days still left to go and already a doubled target. We head out to the wild plains of Serengeti to explore wildlife, and the puzzle-solving and the set collecting along with it.

Wild Serengeti Trailer // Bad Comet Games

Players will head out into the wild for the hunt, to shoot some incredible animals in the content of Africa. Shoot?! Hunt?! This doesn't sound like a board game you would love, Free?! By 'hunt' I mean that players will need to explore the lands, in the hope to 'shoot' some incredible footage of the indigenous animals for an upcoming documentary... duh?

Although taking pictures of animals seems relatively simple, players will need to utilise strategy to ensure they have considered their environment and achieved the best shot they could possibly wangle. This includes puzzles to physically get players to envision the outcome and ensure they achieve to gain the footage.

One thing I did buy at UKGE is a ton of animal meeple - what a surprise! However, the animal meeple included as part of the game is truly stunning, high-quality and wooden in build. Players will need to take these meeples in creating a scene as prompted by the cards available. Recreating the scenes as pictured will allow players to achieve in-game rewards before they hunt off to their next photoshoot.

The Kickstarter Campaign will take players through all different aspects of the game. Including the aspects of gameplay, solo mode integrations, how-to-play, playthroughs, contents and much, much more. Along with the necessary information about the game, there are some stretch goals available to add extra cards and components.

You can pick up a copy of Wild Serengeti on Kickstarter for £39, along with all the unlocked stretch goals over the course of the next 27. Plus if you weren't sure about committing just yet, you can pledge a pound to get access to the Pledge Manager later on whilst the campaign is wrapping up.

If you wanted to see what we thought of Wild Serengeti, don't forget to check out our video from UKGE. Where Gerry was able to chat to the game designers about what to expect from this exciting title:

Wild Serengeti Interview // OnTableTop

The final date of the Kickstarter is on the 17th September 2021, looking to hopefully fulfil these orders in July 2022.

What would be the first animal you could get a picture of if you were out in the Wildlands of Serengeti?

"Players will need to explore the lands in the hope to 'shoot' some incredible footage of the indigenous animals for an upcoming documentary..."

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