Is Deadflight The Best Space Combat Kickstarter Of 2020? We Interview The Creator!

August 7, 2020 by avernos

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Gerry gets a chance to sit down with Tom from Dragonstone Treasure about the lore and background for Deadflight: Ghosts In The Void. Is Deadflight the best Space Combat Kickstarter of 2020?

Is Deadflight The Best Space Combat Kickstarter Of 2020

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We dive into the clandestine missions that occur in the void between the planets between the powerhouses of the Terrestial Planetary Alliance and the Gas Giant Conglomerate.

Tom and Gerry discuss the finer points of the Terran solar system so join them as they talk about how Dragonstone Treasure began and the gameplay, solar system, and plans for expansion in the fourth millennium of Deadflight.  Looking at some of the unique features of this game Gerry explores the parts of space other games fail to touch.

Building your carrier and outfitting your fleet is only the beginning of this game that blurs the lines between strategy and tactics in the void between the planets and the quest of those aiming to promote the goals of their faction above their opponents.

Fans of shows like Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, and recent fare like The Expanse will certainly see parallels in this game and maybe even a way they can stake their claim in the clandestine missions waged by the Deadflights.

Would you prefer to be part of the inner sphere, or does the drive of capitalism steer you to the Gas Giant's moons?

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