Deep-Cut Studio Release Terraforming Mars Gaming Mats

March 9, 2021 by brennon

Deep-Cut Studio has released a selection of new gaming mats for those playing Terraforming Mars. This big strategy board game by Fryxgames took the tabletop world by storm and so these fan-made options give you a bit more of a luxurious setting for your gaming nights.

Terraforming Mars Game Mats - Deep Cut Studio

Terraforming Mars Game Mats // Deep-Cut Studio

Each of the mats come with everything that you need in order to dive in and play the game. As well as detailing the surface of Mars you've also got all of the gubbins and extras in different places for tracking the state of the game. I also like that they have added a legend of icons which is very handy for those getting stuck into a big game.

Elysium Game Mat - Deep Cut Studio

Elysium Game Mat // Deep-Cut Studio

Four different gaming mats are available including Utopia Planitia, Tharsis, Hellas and Elysium. As someone who very much enjoys Terraforming Mars, I think that these would be great and help in the organising of the playspace!

Utopia Planitia - Deep Cut Studio

Utopia Planitia // Deep-Cut Studio

Again, this isn't going to be needed by the vast majority of players but if you really like the game then I could see these being a neat luxury purchase. I do like a good space-faring adventure and if you've now picked up Terraforming Mars already then I would certainly recommend it. It might look daunting but the core game experience is very easy to get stuck into.

Do you like these new gaming mats?

"It might look daunting but the core game experience is very easy to get stuck into..."

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