Deep-Cut Update Various Blood Bowl Pitches With New Details

December 13, 2019 by brennon

Deep-Cut Studio has been showing off some new-look options for those wanting to pick up their Blood Bowl Compatible Mats.

Blood Bowl Mats - Deep Cut Studio

The new array of mats now have updated trackers, dugouts, and tables which should (if nothing else) help you get playing your games quicker. All of the little details have been picked out a little more to make sure they don't fade into the background and as a whole, it seems like this is a good set of neutral stages to set your games.

Inferno Blood Bowl Mat - Deep Cut Studio

There are eight different options for you to play around with including the Inferno and Wild West mat designs which you can see here. I think these would be great for trying out lots of different teams and whilst they are somewhat busy I think you can still make out all of the details.

Wild West Blood Bowl Mat - Deep Cut Studio

Now, make sure you go and take a peek at more of their offerings over on their webstore and let us know which of their designs you're going to be picking up. Also, if you are playing Blood Bowl which team do you use?

Drop your thoughts on the new updated designs below...

"Drop your thoughts on the new updated designs below..."

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