Demon Hunters & Demons Manifest For Dungeon Saga

August 22, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games are skirting the edge of the abyss with another hero and possibly another villain making the half a million mark of Dungeon Saga that little more enticing afterwards I reckon. Arianya, Naiad Demonhunter is the reward for hitting $475k...

Arianya, Naiad Demonhunter

The first character to look at is Arianya the Demonhunter who brings yet another race and faction to the world of Dungeon Saga and Kings of War. the Naiads have not been looked into before but they make up the underwater part of the Elemental army and are deadly and vicious to anyone that cross them. Armed with that deadly trident and wrist mounted crossbow she's quite the deadly foe. She even has a few grenade-like tricks up her sleeve.

Abyssal Demon

As a portent of evil this is the other announcement that popped up yesterday from Mantic. This nasty looking demon might either be a hero who looked a little too deeply into the realm of the abyss or it's something deadly that dragged itself up from the fires to fight your mighty heroes. I think this could well be another set of scenarios perhaps? Well $500k will help you solve an entirely new set of scenarios based on these Abyssals!

Abyssal Magi

Abyssal Warrior

Lower Abyssal

Not bad looking at all and quite possibly some of the coolest miniatures that Mantic 'could' put out to date. Here's hoping they look as good as this when they get to the plastic stage. What is quite cool is that they have the look of the Diablo about them and could well have jumped right out of the world made by Blizzard.

Will you be backing for the big ol' demon?

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