Destroy The One Ring In Upcoming Middle-earth EXIT Title

January 14, 2022 by fcostin

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Nearing the end of last year, there was news of a Lord of the Rings EXIT Game from Thames & Kosmos. Sadly, at this point - there was only news of the title being in German. And unless I was able to speak Freundin and Enter, there was no way I could access the physical quest.

Good news! Thames & Kosmos will be releasing the game for an English-speaking audience, as players can go on an adventure full of twists, turns and puzzles without leaving the comforts of their own home, with EXIT: Lord of the Rings - Shadow Over Middle Earth.

Shadow Over Middle Earth - Kosmos

EXIT: The Lord Of The Rings - Shadow Over Middle Earth // Thames & KOSMOS

Being sent on a quest of dire importance from the man Gandalf himself, players will head out as Sam and Frodo in their quest to destroy the One Ring. As players make their way across different locations in Middle-earth, they will need to solve various different puzzles to ensure the ring ends up in the fiery pits of Mount Doom. However, along the way, players as Hobbits will need to avoid the dark forces of Sauron, such as Ork-folk and Nazgul who wish to see you fail on your journey.

Whether you want to go at it alone, or with three others. The game can take anywhere between 1-2 hours to complete and would be an absolute blast for the family. Given the game is pitched for ages 10+ and does not require an expert level team, a family of four would have no issue taking the reigns of a Hobbit's path.

EXIT: Lord of the Rings - Shadow Over Middle Earth will be available in FLGS stores and online in June this year.

What is your favourite EXIT title? 

" Players will head out as Sam and Frodo in their quest to destroy The One Ring..."

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