Competitive Legacy Game Rise Of Queensdale Details Appear

February 14, 2018 by brennon

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Ravensburger will be bringing The Rise Of Queensdale, a competitive legacy board game, to Germany in March of this year with an English release hitting at Gen Con. Alongside this news, we also got to learn more about the game by duo Inka & Marcus Brand.


Each player in the game will represent a family. The Queen is dying and you are trying to show tribute to her by building a magnificent tower. The other families are all trying to do the same and so this becomes a competition to see who can show her the most honour.

The Rise Of Queensdale - Gameplay

The game board has two layers to it and that's why you need the plunger (pictured on the left) to remove certain tiles from the game board to reveal what's underneath. The first game you play will see you trying to reach ten points. After that, you will gain benefits and upgrades (most of which come through the use of stickers for dice and more) and then move on to play the second game and so on.

Each time you play, the previous winner will have to attain a new score target (for example 16) whilst the other players are just shooting for the lower one. This means that after each game the winner will have built a strong foundation, but will still have to compete and push in order to win quickly.

According to what we've heard so far, the game also features individual tasks and objectives for each game as well as the overall focus of finishing that tower.

This sounds rather cool, bringing forth a new angle to the legacy theme. I'm very interested to learn more about this one.

What do you think?

"The Queen is dying and you are trying to show tribute to her by building a magnificent tower..."

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