Develop Civilisations Under Ancient Reign In First Empires

February 9, 2022 by fcostin

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There is a new Civilisation game coming from Sand Castle Games set to be released by Asmodee, headed to retail this March. Players will take control of ancient nations to fight for ability-focussed dominance and control over territory in First Empires.

First Empires - Asmodee

First Empires // Sand Castle Games & Asmodee

"The time of small nations is past, the time of empires begins." — Chamberlain

The lightweight civilisation building game will place players in a world run by leaders from ancient territories. Players will push forward utilising a combination of meeples and cards, whilst they roll their dice for new abilities and upgrade their board.

The map is vast, and each region on the map will provide wonders for players to sink their teeth into, providing benefits for the player and varied civilisations which can provide more of a leading-edge if utilised correctly... and strategically.

Gameplay Preview - First Empires

Gameplay Preview // First Empires

2-5 players will be focused on their boards in front of them and hoping to maximise their abilities with the help of the dice. The number on the dice represents one of the five abilities that players are equipped with. Players can develop their boards and abilities as they progress, later allowing more dice growing your success rate of invasion, and additional re-rolls to tempt players with another chance at fate.

The game plays over six rounds, determining who the winner is by points awarded. This can be tallied up from achievement cards, personal goals, and obviously the wealth of civilisation that is flourishing under your reign.

The game can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes to play through, depending on how many of you are at the table. And players starting from the age of 14 can join in on the fun.

What is your approach to civilisation games? I always want to play peace and become rich, and ensure the war-torn guy is forced into needing money. 

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"Players will be focused on their boards and hoping to maximise their abilities with the help of the dice..."

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