The Fastest Draw in the West Wins! 9-Shooter Quick Draw

October 8, 2014 by deltagamegirl22


(Cue Western music) This town ain't big enough for the two of us! Poker meets dice rolling fun in this quick and dirty Kickstarter, 9-Shooter Quick Draw--A New Square Shooters Game by Square Shooter! This game looks like an absolute blast for anyone that likes the feel of the Old West dramatics. The mechanic is simple, fun and novel with poker dice!

Cards #1

This game is for 2 players- the last one standing, wins. Each player gets 3 gunslinger cards and each gunslinger has their own poker hand on the card. The goal for each player is to roll their opponent's poker hand with the dice (kind of like Yahtzee) to take out each gunslinger. Opponents roll at the same time on a "1-2-3 DRAW," type scenario. If you don't roll at least one matching card on your opponent's card, you can reroll a single die. Of course the game is more fun when you get into character. The player that takes out an opponent's gunslinger is to yell "BANG!" And ceremoniously the loser's gunslinger should make a dramatic exit. As the Kickstarter campaign says, "Lose all three of your gunslingers and the town's undertaker is gonna be one busy man."

Cards #2

There are some extra "Action" cards available for after you master the game to introduce sneaky little last minute changes too, so more advanced gunslingers can have more of a challenge. But beware, as in the Old West, you have to watch out for cheating, so sometimes trying to get all fancy with the Action cards can be distracting and your opponent may finish ya!

Cards & Dice

Of course, there's always a fancy Kickstarter version too!

What do ya say, Partner? Do you have the fastest draw in the West?

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