Wiggles 3D Release Army Vs Aliens Board Game

December 9, 2011 by dracs

Board game publishers Wiggles 3D have released a new dice based board game which may be a welcome addition to your gaming evenings.

Invading or defending, choose your side in Army vs Aliens.

"You get to choose whether you want to fight off alien forces as the army or if you want be the aliens trying to conquer Earth. Army vs Aliens tests your gaming skills in fast-paced dice combat. By combining strategy, cunning and a little luck, players outsmart their opponents to win." - Wiggles 3D

I personally think that this game would be a good game for when you and your mates are looking for something fun and quick to play while having a few drinks.

I personally wouldn't mind giving it a go, especially with the traditional Christmas get-togethers approaching where it is left to me to keep my younger cousins occupied. Maybe this is my solution.

So guys do you think this game has any potential? Which would you play as, invading aliens or the defending humans?

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