Discover More About DreadBall & The Azure Forest

January 16, 2014 by brennon

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Mantic Games have been exploring the Azure Forest a bit more over on their blog. Mr Hewitt, of DreadBall Academy fame, talks about the weather cards and events coming in this pack.

Azure Forest Rain Play

It sounds like you'll be dealing with rain and much, much worse when the heavens open on these different worlds. I love the idea of playing somewhere which is a bit more dangerous for all involved. The crowd too can be more influential with new event cards spicing things up.

Extra Time Pack

To help get you started this year Mantic are also offering a free Extra Time pack for everyone who buys DreadBall Kick-Off before the end of the month. That should certainly get you going DreadBall wise.

Remember of course that Mantic are going back to Kickstarter soon as well with DreadBall Xtreme coming in February.

It's quite possibly the right time to get into this game.

Have you been playing?

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