Weekender: Diesel Does D&D, Dropfleet In the Studio & Eternal Crusade Interview

October 24, 2015 by lloyd

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Welcome to more from us here at Beasts of War as we settle down for another Weekender! We're getting properly stuck into some awesomeness concerning Dropfleet Commander and the video game, Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade...

Weekender: Diesel Does D&D, Dropfleet In the Studio & Eternal Crusade Interview

News Round-Up

We've picked out some of the news items we think you should catch up on from this week...

Dropfleet Commander

We get stuck into learning loads more about Dropfleet Commander with Simon from Hawk Wargames. We've had a chance to get the game onto the table and find out a bit more about how it plays.

News also hit this week concerning the contents of the Starter Box which will be on Kickstarter. We have a chat about what you could be getting in your set.

Eternal Crusade Interview

Chatting with the Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade team we got to learn about how the game is going right now and where they see things going in the future.

That also means we have a...

Big Prize!

...where you could win a whole mountain of stuff by commenting on this episode. You could win...

  • A game key and 4 Character Slots
  • 10 Codes up for grabs! Beasts of War Captain Packs worth $120!!!
  • 120,000 + 25% Bonus RTP to Spend in the Rogue Trader Store for a total of 150,000 points
  • Instant access to Closed Alpha (Steam key will appear on Founder Sheet upon purchase)
  • Arkhona Vanguard Title
  • Exclusive Founder Lounge Access in Forum
  • Reserve Character Name
  • Guild System (Coming Soon)
  • Other Unique Items

That is quite a lot of stuff and it could all be sitting on your PC soon. The game is looking like it's going to be fantastic to play.

Kickstarter Focus

We also have three Kickstarters that we think you should be paying attention too.

  • Swords & Sorcery - Go dungeon delving with immortal heroes brought back from the brink of death to fight an ultimate evil.
  • Super Dungeon Explore: Legends - Chibi adventures with a Gauntlet twist. This game looks great for new players getting into dungeon delving and Legends adds even more narrative.
  • Headspace: Cyberpunk RPG - Ever wanted to play a game where you share each others skill sets? This RPG sounds like a fascinating way to approach the Cyberpunk genre with loads of character driven options.

Competition Winner

You could also have been the lucky winner of our Fantasy Dungeon Set by Battle Systems. Watch the show to find out if you are the chosen one! You can then Claim Your Prize and it will be winging its way to you.

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Have a great weekend of gaming!

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