Turn Dollars Into Donuts In New Board Game From Crafty Games

April 30, 2021 by fcostin

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As I can imagine most of you are in the same position, I have an ongoing relationship with Kickstarter. I did not say it was a healthy relationship... I simply lurk from a distance, buy-in to some, but mostly revel in all the goodness that is coming out within the tabletop industry.

dollars to donuts main box

Dollars to Donuts // Crafty Games

Finding games for my family is a little hard. I have four nieces ranging from 8-15 years old, and have found it extremely difficult to find a family board game that captivates them all. Without too much background and story to stop the little ones from becoming bored or distracted.

The younger ones seem to enjoy board games that can relate their real-life understanding, as certain board games deep in the story can become a little too immersive. Games that transfer over real-life skills and knowledge seem to work, such as Truck Off for example (I appreciate the name tenfold as an adult), where you aim to serve customers food from your truck, racing against your competitors.

Last August on Kickstarter, a board game really took to me, especially thinking that it would be the perfect family game for myself and the kids. And now it is coming to retail later this year, welcoming Dollars to Donuts to a tabletop near you.

Dollars to Donuts is a tile-laying game which will require a fair bit of thinking and light strategy as you turn donuts into dollars in your own donut shop. Baking the most mouth-watering, sugar-coated donuts for a wide community of customers.

dollars to donuts gameplay

Dollars to Donuts // Crafty Games

Playing the game is simple! Using dollar tiles, a player purchased a donut tile from the 'Specials Board' in your bakery. On your player mat, you will match the tiles by matching half and half of a donut to complete the tile. Completing individual donuts will reward you with victory tokens.

But this game is not about matching any old donuts. There are customers to be served and looking for their own special orders as you battle your opponents to make the most money in your own independent stores. But do not worry, mish-mashed donuts can be sold to create more donuts that are needed.

What stood out to me in this game is that tiles can be laid in any which way you choose. Whether it be vertical, horizontal, or even hanging off the player mat. It will make the concept faster, and will stop my nieces from feeling left out when they cannot lay a tile... they can be quite competitive! Players can always be engaged by constantly completing orders and always being immersed in the game.

Dollars to Donuts will be available to purchase in Q3 of this year, and I cannot wait to test out my abilities of a baker with my nieces in the best donut shop around... without having to leave the table.

What is your favourite family game to play with younger gamers? 

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