Dr. Faux Seeks Revenge In New The Loop Expansion

March 3, 2022 by fcostin

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Have you flawed and foiled the schemes of Dr. Faux in The Loop? Cooperated through different play modes of gathering artefacts, and stopping the schemes of the nutty professor? Well, Pandasaurus Games have added a new expansion for your journeys in The Loop. With two new game modes and a chance to take down Dr. Faux with additional characters and new content to explore.

The Revenge of Fauxzilla Exapansion - Pandasaurus Games

The Loop: The Revenge Of Fauxzilla // Pandasaurus Games

There are two new agents added to the game in the expansion. Although Dr. Faux's terrible time machine may not have been a success, maybe the brain of his younger self can help stop him in his tracks with a new paradox added into the new expansion, along with The Peak Twins teaming up for paradoxical playtime in The Loop: The Revenge of Fauxzilla.

Box Contents - Revenge of Fauxzilla

Box Contents // The Loop: The Revenge Of Fauxzilla

Along with the new characters, players will gain access to new content to try out their new roles in the Fauxzillapocalypse mode. With new tiles and tokens added to the tabletop, along with the mission for players to activate a series of seals in 7 Kaiju Balls. There will be lots of new content to explore with new Artefacts and Missions as well, to dive into to use across all different game modes in The Loop.

The expansion was initially released in French in 2021, however, you can now get hold of your English copy being published and released, ready to preorder over at Pandasaurus Games.

The title is set to be released on August 1st 2021, so if you enjoyed meddling with the ridiculous plans of Dr. Faux, the newest expansion will provide growth of the universe in The Loop: The Revenge of Fauxzilla.

How did you fare against Dr. Faux in The Loop? 

"There are two new agents added to the game in the expansion..."

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