DreadBall Ultimate Means Bigger Teams & Bigger Pitches!

September 11, 2013 by brennon

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DreadBall Season Three from Mantic Games might be bringing four new teams to the fold but it's also giving us the Ultimate way to play. A few of you will probably have seen this pitch already but check out the massive amount of multi-player fun you could have here...

DreadBall Ultimate Arena

Three to six teams will be able to go at it with speeding balls and flying fists on this massive pitch and while how it works is still a little bit of a mystery it does look like it's going to be insane fun.

Dreadball Ultimate

As you can see the set comes with the new rules, the big fellows (they are rather awesome) and also this new counter set too. Here's what Mantic had to say on the game itself...

"The first thing of note about the new way of playing is the Ultimate Arena. It contains 3 arms and the traditional starting zones of the DreadBall pitch are split down the middle, giving each player a smaller space to set-up in.

To speed things along, teams are made up of 5 – not 6 – players and each coach only gets 3 actions to play with. Not only that but the player turn sequence is randomised and there are 2 Balls in play (usually, anyway – sometimes even more!!) Put all of this together and you’re in for one crazy game!"

Now this just sounds like crazy fun. For all the people who managed to get a few teams you should easily be able to dive in and play a game of Ultimate or just use it as an end of league royal rumble.

You can check out the new teams we covered in an earlier story and then get ready for a big ruckus! I wonder if James M. Hewitt will be able to convince Warren into a big game of DreadBall with some other team managers?

What do you think of Ultimate?

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