Dreadball’s Magnetar Marvels & Galactic Tour Available To Pre-Order

February 12, 2021 by avernos

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A little while ago we saw some renders for Mantic's upcoming Dreadball supplement the Galactic Tour: Magnetar Circut. Well the renders have been realised and are now the Magnetar Marvels are available to preorder alongside the book which are both due for release in ten days time. So Let's have a closer look at what is coming.

Magnetar Marvels // Dreadball

The four Magnetar Marvels while fantastic looking models in their own rights can be used to represent the new Support Specialists for your Dreadball teams. Support Specialists can be added to your team, just like coaches or cheerleaders… and you’ll have to pay, of course. However, they work slightly differently and can add additional successes to Dash, Armour or Distract tests. As such, they can make a massive difference to your game and are an essential purchase for ambitious coaches. Adding new types of coaching staff to your team really changes up what you can do tactically, either buffing low traits or reinforcing high numbers to add to fan checks they will certainly be seeing a lot of play.

Toth has been added as a referee but can also be fielded as an MVP. Thoth is a fast-moving Guard, with a mighty move of 7 hexes and a Speed stat of 4+… making Dashes more than possible too. I can't wait to get my hands on him both as a chance to paint up that elaborate armour and also to roll face on the pitch.

The Magnetar Circuit // New Atlantea

The Galactic Tour

The book itself is jam-packed in what is a must-have for Dreadball players. Apart from the new rules for the Marvels and their support specialist rules, it also contains all of the team lists a number of which have been tweaked to keep them balanced and competitive. This is a feature of Mantic's rule sets that is one of their defining features, constant play shows areas that require some form of rebalance and for years now Kings of War, Warpath and their skirmish games have all received these alongside additional rules or scenarios keeping the games fresh and the community active so it's fantastic to see this for Dreadball.

New Pitches gives you new ways to experience Dreadball. The Galactic Tour takes place on four very different worlds and the pitches locations and effects offer up a different experience for coaches to deal with. The Magnetar Circuit supplement contains rules for four different pitches:

  • Cavlax VI – a swamp planet that’s notorious for dangerous vines that grow across the pitch. In fact, it’s so dangerous that some top players even refuse to play there and the crowd is almost non-existent.
  • New Atlantea – an underwater location that’s packed with new events, like strong currents that can move players around and sea creatures that are attracted to vicious slams! Plus, you’ll have to watch out for the razor coral. Ouch!
  • Ovostar-2 – ever wondered what it would be like to play DreadBall suspended on a pitch way above the ground? Well, Ovostar-2 is the answer. Unfortunately, someone forgot to put a barrier around the edge, so players may fall to their death when slammed. Thankfully BrenMed Industries – a division of (the totally not suspicious and in anyway dubious) MazonLife – is here with Cryorevision, which ensures your players come back mostly alive.
  • Memphis Max – need some extra cash for your league? Then it’s time to head to the casino. Memphis Max gives you the option to gamble on the outcome of the game. It also introduces Thoth, a new ref that likes to keep a close eye on fouls!

Along with the new pitches there are also historic match reports that were played on these pitches. In a 'night in Istanbul' style you can replay these historic matches with team lists that played and see if history will repeat itself of if you can go one better than your historic counterpart!  The historic matches are a great way to try out some very different teams, compared to those in the rulebook and give you the feel a quick league experience without having to take the time to play through multiple games if you don't have the time to spare. You play with a roster of players that have gained new abilities… or lost some due to injury.

Dreadball // Mantic Games

A whole batch of new ways to play Dreadball, I'll drink to that it's refreshing for sure. I think this format is the way to go for DB, with close to thirty teams already adding more to the mix would be overkill. Mantic are exploring their Warpath universe in new ways and to keep the game from growing stale and support the community with books like this is definitely the way to go in my opinion. We'll have to see how things shape up for the game, but hopefully, it won't be too long before we're all getting together for tournaments again.

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