EXO: Mankind Reborn – Drones, Humanity’s Little Helpers!

April 24, 2018 by brennon

Plast Craft continues their series of reveals for their upcoming game, EXO: Mankind Reborn.


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Today we introduce you the Drones that our heroes in EXO: Mankind Reborn will be able to control during their expedition to the surface.

Throughout the years that humanity spent in the leafy natural cavities that served as a refuge, humans did not cease their development. Studies were continued, applying and improving the use of exoenergy to their technology. As a result of this application, the drone assistance model was born.

Each tribe developed a different variant according to their specific needs; although later all the projects would be common in various tribes. In this way, thanks to the use of drones, the tribes were able to carry out small scouting missions abroad, taking samples and collecting data from the environment, until they considered that an expedition with human beings could be carried out.

The Palearctic tribe, given the extension of its region, chose to specialise their drones in the field of land recognition and possible threat detection in the environment. To do this, they equipped their drones with 360º cameras.

Scout_drone - exo mankind reborn

In the Ethiopian zone, bugs activity became unusually aggressive, and a series of small assaults by these to the CVs followed. This forced the tribe to focus the development of their drones towards the military side, incorporating weapons to repel such attacks.

Combat_drone - exo mankind reborn

Meanwhile, in the Australian province, the team of engineers that worked for Dr Hickling implemented surgical campaign material: monofilament scalpels, tweezers and suture lasers, among others, making these drones an advanced medical post in the wilderness.

Medical_drone - exo mankind reborn

Finally, the tribe of the Nearctic cavities improved their drones by enhancing their efficiency in the extraction of raw materials from the environment. Later on, Desmond joined the program, who, after several adjustments, managed to optimise the cargo compartment of the drone.

Harvest_drone  - exo mankind reborn

These four types of drones designed specifically by each tribe will be of great help to our heroes during their expedition. As they were once used as topographic tools, logistics and even military aids, these drones will make the work of our characters easier, aiding their in-game preferences and roles.

For today we say goodbye, but not before reminding you that the start of the campaign on Kickstarter is just around the corner!

Be prepared and join us in the resurgence of humanity!

"...the start of the campaign on Kickstarter is just around the corner!"

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