D&D Fuses With Board Game Monopoly In New Version

April 29, 2021 by fcostin

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As I write this, I can already feel the pain from Gerry, as he finds out that not only do some people combine miniatures with their D&D campaigns, but that people can go on a quest on a familiar board. Bringing together the family game that causes havoc and arguments with the age-old role-playing adventure. Yes, Monopoly is getting an adventurous reskin with changes to appeal to the everyday roleplayer.

Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly // USAopoly

Instead of properties to unlock, players will come across iconic Monsters at each roll of the dice for players to collect. Obviously, there would be no need to build a house or a hotel on a monster! Players will need to mark their expeditions to ensure their opponents take the pitfall - monetarily.

There are lots of other changes to the game's normal fundamentals too. There are no longer the "Community Chest" and "Chance" cards either, as they have been updated to both "Treasure" and "Encounters" cards to tempt fate by the hands of the monsters that lurk within the world of D&D.

Don't worry, just because they may have removed different locations to add monsters, does not mean you will not be visiting some iconic areas. Tomb of Horror and Castle Ravenloft and several more locations feature as your new railway stations too.

Dungeons & Dragons Monopoly // USAopoly

You all have a favourite movement piece, I know you do! Trading in the Scotty dog and the tophat for your favourite fantastical characters and races that would be whisked away into an adventure.

The theme of the game may be the same, however, the storyline defined by USAopoly is more so themed to a D&D adventure:

"Legendary traveler and storyteller of fame, Volothamp Geddarm, is seeking explorers of both the unpredictable and familiar in this fantastical spin on the classic board game. Players will need to capture dangerous creatures of the Forgotten Realms to help Volo research them for his tome, while also trying to come out with the most riches!"

It seems that there truly is a Monopoly game for everything. I personally have Rick & Morty, Lord of the Rings and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Monopoly. This new edition is available in FLGS stores and online now. Allowing you to take your dungeon themed adventure onto the board and robbing your family blind.

What do you want to see get its own Monopoly game? 

"Instead of properties to unlock, players will come across iconic Monsters at each roll of the dice for players to collect. "

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