Manage Your Time As A Dog Walker In Bark Avenue

May 30, 2022 by fcostin

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A day in the life of a dog walker must be pretty sweet right, making friends with lots of doggos - big and small - and getting a fair bit of mileage done on a pedometer.

TerreDice Games, who you may know for their awesome reviews and playthroughs for tabletop titles on YouTube, have headed to Kickstarter to bring Bark Avenue. A competitive game of dog walking, as players determine their route, engage in activities and progress in the career of a dog walker in Upper Manhattan.

Bark Avenue - TerreDice Games - Featured Image

Bark Avenue // TerreDice Games

As much as it would be easy to walk several dogs with the same needs, it isn't that easy! You will have big dogs that require a longer walk, specific activities that would simply suit the needs of particular hounds - and don't forget to mention you'll have to squeeze in time for some pee breaks! Plus... not all dogs can be the best of friends!

Card Preview - Bark Avenue

Card Preview // Bark Avenue

Players will have to determine their path and their timings to be sure that they are fulfilling their duties and roles as a trusty dog walker. With luck and determination, players' careers will soar. Bringing in new abilities to help the plates spin and a bit more leeway with the canine companions.

Making your way across each block within New York, Working against the clock, players will be hoping to win the most reputation by pulling back the best reviews and earning the most buck. Although the players' job will be predominately walking - they can hop on some public transport in between walks to ensure they get to their appointment on time and speed up the process!

Inside The Box - Terredice Games

Inside The Box // Bark Avenue

The Kickstarter campaign is jam-packed and full of fun stuff to get involved with. Including a walkthrough of the rules, exclusive goodies, stretch goals and different pledge levels. Plus, if you wanted to cast your eyes over the rules - they have been included as a free download.

If you wanted to check out more from Bark Avenue, be sure to stop by the TerreDice Games YouTube Channel for a Bark Avenue Kickstarter Launch Party, Designer Details, and more information surrounding the Kickstarter campaign.

Bark Avenue was funded within the first six hours of the campaign being live. There are 15 days left on the clock, so if you think you have what it takes to be organised with your time to become the best in the dog walking biz - be sure to stop over to Bark Avenue on Kickstarter.

What do you think of Bark Avenue? 

"As much as it would be easy to walk several dogs with the same needs, it isn't that easy!"

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