Embark On A Forest-Crawler In Explorers Of The Woodlands

April 20, 2022 by fcostin

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Fancy a new fantasy arena for your future dungeon crawls? Players are headed out to the forest in the new Kickstarter Explorers of the Woodlands. As players cooperate, pushing past trees and mushrooms - they will face many a mighty monster across the journey through the woods.

Explorers of the Woodlands - Kickstarter trailer // From The Woods Studio

Who needs a dark and dingy dungeon when you have a wide and wonderful woodland to explore? The upcoming forest-crawler brings two different types of play.

The first, a fast-paced classic game of exploration, placing tiles to head out into the woods to hunt down loot, take on monsters and face superior bosses. And the second, a campaign experience offering five missions, containing special rules, additional objectives and new components.

Playable Character Art - Explorers of the Woodlands

Playable Characters Art // Explorers of the Woodlands

The enemies, bosses and playable characters of course come with all the whimsy that they deserve - living in the forest and all! Players will take the role of Sha'vi, Xylia, Bethras and Klethor, coming up against fantastical and dangerous creatures on the road.

Monster Marker Preview - Exploerers of the Woodlands

Monster Marker Preview // Explorers of the Woodlands

The title has successfully been funded, and backers are now looking towards stretch goals to be unlocked. Adding a selection of new cards to bolster gameplay.

From the Woods Studio are relatively new to the board game scene, a French publisher that was established in 2021.  Although homed in France, they are looking at releasing this title in a variety of languages including French, English, Hungarian, Czech, Spanish, Polish and Italian.

If you are keen on getting into some forest-crawling, Explorers of the Woodlands has 20 days left on the clock - with a simple campaign you can swag yourself the unlocked goals and game for £29.

You had me at "explore the woodland" and the image of the samurai mushroom guy. 

"Who needs a dark and dingy dungeon when you have a wide and wonderful woodland to explore?"

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