Glide Into Dreamland & Fight Off Nightmares In Sheepy Time

April 8, 2021 by fcostin

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When asked what one of my favourite hobbies are, I often say napping. Yes, you may not think that napping is a hobby but when you have the magical ability to sleep anywhere you want, whenever you want - you start to look forward to napping wherever you can fit one in. It is most likely why I am always so happy, I am very rarely lacking sleep - so I am certainly no stranger to the concept of counting sheep.

Sheepy Time // Alderac Entertainment Group

In Sheepy Time by AEG, players will take the role of a Dream Sheep. One of those little fluffy guardians helping and guiding you into Dreamland. Each time you guide your successful sleeper closer into their peaceful state of dreams and get your fluffy little body over the fence, you are helping your human drift into a deeper state and on their way to Dreamland.

However, it isn't all puppies, unicorns and rainbows before your human reaches their destination of Dreamland. Whilst guiding your human into a positive place, as a sheep you must ward your human from nightmares too! As these nightmares will do just the opposite of meeting your objective - they are going to want to wake your human up.

Sheepy Time // Alderac Entertainment Group

Using cards, players will be required to use their hand to move around the board and completing a lap to jump the fence and earn lots of points towards the path of victory. And depending where you land - there is a chance you can activate some effects. You will need to refill your hand throughout the game, but there is a chance you will pull the Nightmare Card, which will wake your human up and forcing you to forfeit points within that round of play.

The game can be played solo, or you can work up against three other players - all fighting for the same objective to get their human into a deep slumber - and earning the most points.

This game along with Cubitos were two games from AEG that I was really looking forward to this year, so I am anticipating May 14th for myself to get my hands on this brand new title.

Do you count sheep to guide you into your own dreamland?

"Whilst guiding your human into a positive place, as a sheep you must ward your human from nightmares too! "

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