Enter The Labyrinth of Ruin In Descent 2nd Edition

February 6, 2013 by brennon

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An expansion is coming for the world of Descent: Journeys in the Dark and it looks like it could be a pretty special one. Check out Labyrinth of Ruin by Fantasy Flight Games...

Labyrinth of Ruin

"An ancient city full of peril and mystery awaits in the ruins of Sudanya, a lost civilization on the edges of Terrinoth. Horrid creatures haunt the heroes’ every step, but powerful allies will guide them through the twisting maze of wilderness and broken cityscape."

Labyrinth of Ruin Tiles

Labyrinth of Ruin Heroes

Of course the game comes with new tiles, miniatures, enemies and heroes to play with and expand your Descent experience. You and your fellow adventurers will travel to an ancient ruined city and delve into its depths looking for fortune and glory. The Overlord might have other plans though.

An interesting plot system has been implement that reacts differently to the players choices, failures and successes. This should provide you with a very dynamic experience as you play.

Will you be taking this journey?

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