Escape A Black Hole In Frosted Games’ Lux Aeterna

September 16, 2019 by brennon

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Frosted Games has been working on a solo game which will be released later this year. This game, Lux Aeterna, has you trying to stop yourself getting sucked into a black hole!

LUX Aeterna - Frosted Games

In the game, your ship has sustained a massive amount of damage and is falling apart around you. You will have to draw and play all of the cards you can from the main deck, one after the other, without falling into the black hole.

Each card you draw can have multiple functions which allow you to try and stay alive, fix holes in the ship, push you towards the black hole, damage system and much more. You will be drawing both good and bad cards as you battle the crumbling infrastructure of your vessel.

There are ways to tweak the game with what are called glitches. They start to make the game more difficult and reduce the real-time element of the game, taking it down from twelve minutes of survival through to ten, eight and so on.

This seems like it would be a lot more fun and frantic to play compared to something like solitaire!

Could you see yourself picking this up?

"Could you see yourself picking this up?"

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